February 5, 2011

What to wear to the theatre

I've seen a lot of people in jeans and basic tops at the theatre, but also other people were overdressed.
If you search this post's title on Google, you will see that this might be considered a major problem. It might sound funny, but people really need help when it comes to theatre outfits.
So, what should you wear? Of course you must be classy, but you don't have to wear gowns. And my other problem is black: stop wearing black, it's boring and only shy people wear it. Give colors a try!

*Wear a dress, but not a mini. These dresses are perfect!
(The first dress is a black one, I guess this is everybody's favorite, but please take a look at the other options, more colorful and vernal)


Pair them with elegant flats or heels (not to high!)

The other option: a skirt



Wear them with a shirt or a blouse, even a tee.

If you don't like skirts, ok, you can choose jeans. But at least wear them with a girly blouse, preferably a silk one.


Jewelery- few, small but nice and maybe shiny.

All jewelery items are from Swarovski


Bags from Asos

I hope this is useful!


  1. I love the red dress, it's so classy and well cut!
    Thanks for these tips!


  2. Lumea nu prea se mai duce la teatru, probabil si din cauza asta oamenii nu stiu care ar fi dress codeul in cazul unui astfel de eveniment. Nici eu n-am mai fost de vreo 2 ani dar cand ma duceam, imi aduc aminte(asa cum ai scris si tu) ca ba erau imbracati in jeansi si tenisii ba erau niste cucoane gata sa fie nase mari:)) Deci numai la extrem, prea rar am vazut oameni sa fie imbracati potrivit la teatru...:)

  3. great ideas! I agree with the way you see a woman dressing up for a theatre night out! I love your style!
    kiss :)

  4. Red one is perfect!
    I really love your blog. Thanks for your message in ifb. Now I follow you!
    Love from www.armarioenduddas.blogspot.com

  5. I LOVE this post :) You have a beautiful blog!!!

    visit...follow :)


  6. creative post! I'm a follower follow me if you'd like @ http://fashionnostalgia.blogspot.com/


  7. great post! great ideas!


  8. AHH! As a theatre manager, THANK YOU. While I love for people to feel that they shouldn't not come to the theatre because they can't dress up, I feel there's just something... that's showing respect to the art form if you do.

  9. I always dress up for the theatre, and get annoyed that others don't make an effort!

    I love the red one, but I prefer the ccut of the black one. I think I'd like it in an understated grey or a fabulous orange! But that would probably clash with the theatre's upholstery...

  10. I love this guide! I've been to the theatre just on friday and have seen an awful lot of people wearing jeans or short skirt. hello, you're going to the theatre, this is culture. Tights, pumps or ballerinas, a nice dress, which is not too short or a pair of trousers, but no jeans, please, with a blouse is all I'm asking for. Dressing up is such a nice thing, you should enjoy it when you have the chance!

  11. I'm going to have to very respectfully disagree with you about not wearing black to the theater. It's tradition, and sometimes there's something to be said for tradition. I absolutely applaud your decision to call out the yahoos in jeans, however. Bravo :)

  12. I'd probably wear a navy suit to the theatre, but a black suit to the opera.

  13. @Kinon: For a guy, I think that it works just a blazer with a casual pair of pants.
    In Spring or Summer, I recommend guys to wear beige trousers with a navy or a black blazer. It looks very stylish.

  14. I'm going to buy theater tickets for valentines day but I don't know what to wear. I find it very disrespectful when people wear jeans but I don't want to be one of the overdressed people. Thanks for the help, that's a really cute leopard print clutch by the way.


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